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MEPA Studios - The Benefits of Dance

Social connection

Throughout history dance has been a form of social interaction and a huge part of human culture, it is a way to communicate and bring people together - even cavemen had a little boogie! Many people who have danced before may often reminisce on their fond memories from the dance class, the friends they made and the lessons they learnt along the way, as you not only learn the steps to a routine, but a plethora of life skills too.

In every dance class, MEPA students learn how to work as part of a team, developing trust and forming bonds with likeminded individuals.

The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), our examining body, states that dance schools

expand social and cultural interaction, and provide an overall community feeling of well-being and togetherness...
Community benefits of dance, IDTA, 2015

This is something we pride ourselves on as we open our doors to students from across the local area, and further afield - all who contribute to the wonderful community we house at MEPA.


There are many styles of dance on offer here, so students will always have the opportunity to grow and strive for better in whatever style they choose.

From ballet to street, tap to acro... there is something for everyone! Individually, dance is a great form of self-expression as it allows you to communicate and release emotions without words, and when you find the style that speaks to you, there is really no better feeling!

In all our classes, students are encouraged to harness their emotions and energies, focusing them on objectives, whether this be self-improvement as they are supported by teachers in their progression, or external objectives such as competitions, performances or auditions. Dance is an artform, and much like artists use their paint brush to communicate a story, our dancers communicate their stories through dance.

In classes such as musical theatre, students even have the opportunity explore emotions analytically, developing their emotional intelligence from a personal point of view as well as in response to others.

Physical Health

As students continue to progress in their chosen style(s) they gain a positive outlook and understanding of how to look after themselves both physically and mentally. It is highly important to educate our children on how and why they should look after themselves physically, imparting the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dance has been proven to play a huge role in the health and well-being of the global population, as it is a great source of exercise that is not only fun and engaging, but can really challenge and push you to achieve things you didn’t seem possible!

It encourages children to stay active as they are motivated to attend classes, improving their skills weekly and socialising with friends outside of the school environment. Here’s a list of just some of the physical benefits of dance:

  • • Boosts cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance
  • • Promotes flexibility
  • • Reduces obesity
  • • Improves overall balance
  • • Challenges movement memory
  • • Improves coordination

Mental Health

In addition to the physical benefits, there are many mental health benefits of dance, such as:

  • • Improved overall confidence
  • • Boosts social skills
  • • Increased general and psychological well-being
  • • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • • Enhances cognitive development
  • • Fosters creativity

In recent years, the mental health of adolescents/children has declined overall, with statistics showing the prevalence of such issues rose by as much as 18% in some densely populated areas (Holst et al., 2023).

It is therefore essential we do what we can to offer a place that is a positive and supportive environment where students feel welcomed, seen and heard no matter what.

The safeguarding of all our students is paramount to us, and we understand the relationship between a child and their dance teacher is one that most people don’t forget. Our teachers are always there to support students and lift them to their highest potential. They will always offer a listening ear and a helping hand with any issues and strive to have a positive impact on their mental health.


With all this being said, we’ve missed out one huge benefit of dance... FUN! In our classes, we always strive for the highest standards but we hope that on their journey, students always find the element of fun. This may be through trying new things in class, like tricks, lifts and new routines or during the excitement of shows and competitions that take place throughout the year.

In this year alone, we have taken part in multiple competitions including the Dance World Cup, held in Portugal. We are thrilled our students were involved with this amazing opportunity and to be able to add to core memories we hope they will hold dearly for years to come.

Overall, dance has countless benefits and here at MEPA, it is our aim to impart this on all people, continuing to share our love for the art form locally, nationally and even internationally!

We hope this article helps to give a better understanding of how dance could benefit your child... why not give us a call, get the ball rolling and sign them up for a trial so they can start experiencing everything dance has to offer.

About the Author

Josie Parker - MEPA Studios

Josie Parker

Josie has trained in a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, varying contemporary techniques, street/commercial dance and heels. In 2019 she graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University earning a BA degree in Dance Education with First Class Honours and the award for best academic work.

Supporting qualifications include the University of the Arts London (UAL) Diploma in Performing and Production Arts, as well as all graded examinations in RAD Ballet. She has also performed in numerous shows across the country.

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