MEPA Studios - Emma Finch

Emma Finch

Deputy Principal
MEPA Studios - Myron Birch

Myron Birch

Dance Teacher
MEPA Studios - Jane Rebecca Marshall

Jane Rebecca Marshall

Harmony and Music Theory
MEPA Studios - Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan

Singing Teacher
MEPA Studios - Mike Fellows

Mike Fellows

Dance Teacher
MEPA Studios - Daniel Greenway

Daniel Greenway

Industry Guest
MEPA Studios - Gaz Davis

Gaz Davis

Jazz, Partnerwork and Commercial Specialist
MEPA Studios - Tilly Cook

Tilly Cook

Dance Teacher
MEPA Studios - Josie Parker

Josie Parker

Ballet and Tap Teacher
MEPA Studios - Paige Brooker

Paige Brooker

Street and Commercial Teacher

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